Ship Newbuilding/Dock Repairing Supervision

Ship Newbuilding/Dock Repairing Supervision

We have several experienced supervisors with different background on different projects

Superintendent with full knowledge background could work independent during dry dock. 

Steel supervisor & commission supervisor could work within his profession independent.


A Few Ship Newbuilding Supervision case.

  Intership 36500 DWT Multi-Purpose Dry Cargo Ship Project(3 vessels in Total)in New Times Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.

 Dalian Developer Drill Ship Project in COSCO (Dalian) Shipyard Co., Ltd

 I/T 1,100 Ton class ro-ro vehicle & passenger vessel(three vessels in total)( RO-PAX) project in Dalian Oriental Marine & Heavy Industry Co., Ltd

 80,000 DWT Bulk Carriers(4 vessels in total)  project in COSCO (Dalian) Shipyard Co.,Ltd.

 VLCC/product oil tanker/chemical tanker/ore carrier Projects in DSIC

 64K Bulk Carrier in New Century Shipyard

 Bertling Green Dolphin 38K Bulk Carrier in Huanghai Shipyard

 Eurotankers 33.5K Bulk Carrier and Ultrabulk 36K Bulk Carrier in Weihai Samjin Shipyard

 Product/ Crude Tanker PC760 for IMC in Dalian Shipyard

 LNG 12000M3 (4 Vessels ) built in  Nantong Pacific-offshore.

A few Dock repairing supervision case

ship name                        ship type                Management/Owner                    repair scope

Roland Oldendorff            bulk carrier              Hartmann/ Oldendorff                   annal survey, WBTS & scrubber modification

Robert Oldendorff            bulk carrier               Hartmann/ Oldendorff                   renew survey, WBTS & scrubber modification

Front Cheetah                   VLCC                       THOME/front line                           renew survey, WBTS modification 

FRONT COUGAR              VLCC                        THOME/front line                           renew survey, WBTS modification 

Leonora Victory                Chemical Tanker       THOME/Victory                             CAP1,renew  survey, WBTS modification 

Champion Ebony              Chemical Tanker      THOME/Champion                         CAP1,renew  survey, WBTS modification 

ATALANTI SB                    bulk carrier               A.E. Nomikos Shipping                   renew survey WBTS modification 

ORTOLAN ALPHA             bulk carrier              TMC PROJECT MANAGEMENT        renew survey  


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